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Is this real, pure, grade A honey?

Firstly, Sidr Honey is the most expensive honey in the World and usually harvested in Yemen. If you look at Yemeni Sidr honey, it is shocking you can pay beyond £100.00 for 1kg! Compared to this £30.00 for 1kg you have yourself here a bargain (please never ever change this price, you have yourself a life-long subscriber of the honey).

Whats the difference? Sidr refers to a tree not a land and this Honey is harvested from the Sidr (lote) trees in Spain. Thats the only difference. The Sidr Tree of Spain as opposed to the Sidr tree of Yemen. Some say the soil in Yemen is much richer and I cannot argue so I will leave this matter to the honey experts to deliberate a verdict. Let me just confirm to you now that this honey is heavenly in taste. Heavenly.

Is this real, pure, grade A honey? I did the usual Honey tests on this honey, the water test, the drop test, the upside down test etc. All came out very strong in favour of this rich textured honey leading me to the conclusion that this honey is in fact as raw and pure as it gets.

Packaging is wonderful and well sealed.

Honey looks beautiful and tastes divine. Mix it with water, tea, have it raw, use it for health and beauty. Whatever you need it for. Sidr Honey is also a natural aphrodisiac and contains many other health benefits which I will let you Google yourself.

To conclude, do not settle for honey which is not pure and the only up from this honey will be the honey from Yemen itself (Yemeni Sidr honey), which like I said is upwards £100.00 for the same size as this one.

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